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Preventive Dentistry – Tyler, TX

Keep Your Smile Healthy for Life

If you want to keep your smile healthy in the long-term, you’ll first need to stay on top of your routine oral care. This means brushing and flossing at home but it also means committing to routine appointments with a dentist. Oral health is a lifelong commitment, and it’s exactly why you should visit our office for a detailed exam and cleaning at leas once every six months. Dr. Williams, and the rest of our team are happy to make your preventive care simple, enjoyable, and straightforward. Give us a call and we’ll help you get scheduled!

Why Choose Shiloh Family Dental for Preventive Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Cleaning

In terms of prevention, routine exams and cleanings are two of the most important forms of care you can receive. During an exam, we’ll make sure that your at-home oral care is working to protect your teeth and gum tissue. On top of that, we’ll confirm no underlying problems are present as to help you avoid expensive emergency or restorative issues later. With a comprehensive cleaning, we can remove not just plaque, but also tartar, which is a calcified form of plaque that only dentists can remove (and no amount of at-home care can resolve.) These treatments make a big difference in lowering your risk for dental disease.

Children’s Dentistry

After your child’s teeth begin to erupt, it’s possible for them to develop cavities caused by specific types of oral bacteria. Our dentists at Shiloh Family Dental are dedicated to protecting the smiles of your youngest family members as they undergo development. When they arrive for their first visit, we’ll put more of our attention on making sure they are comfortable being in the office and the dental chair. We’ll also answer any questions that you have. This works to slowly help them acclimate to the dental office and get them used to the idea of regular dental visits.

Oral Cancer Screening

Did you know that oral cancer is diagnosed in about 54,000 people annually? While this condition is quite serious, our dentists can reduce the long-term negative implications by catching it in the early stages. This involves completing a comprehensive visual screening and palpitation process. Should we find any lumps or bumps, concerning oral sores, or major discolorations of oral tissue, we’ll make sure to partner you with a general physician for further testing.

Fluoride Treatment

Chances are you’ve heard that fluoride is a very important part of your oral health. But did you know that the fluoride provided in dental offices is substantially stronger and more effective at protecting your valuable tooth enamel compared to over-the-counter products? It’s important to use fluoride consistently, which is why it’s often found in the public drinking water of communities across the country. However, Shiloh Family Dental also performs a topical fluoride therapy (particularly for younger patients) to keep teeth strong and protected in between dental appointments. Application takes only minutes, is 100% painless, and is a proven method for reducing the risk of cavity development.

Nightguards for Grinding

Many people don’t realize they have a chronic teeth grinding and clenching habit until a dentist tells them. Whether you were told by one of our dentists this was the case or you noted that you were experiencing teeth sensitivity and jaw soreness, there is a way to protect your smile from this common condition (known as bruxism.) Upon examining your smile, our dentists can confirm if bruxism is present, then create a custom-made nightguard to protect your smile. These oral appliances are made using digital impression technology, ensuring the best comfort and longevity possible.

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